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Traditional psychotherapy

In traditional therapy we have focus not only in present but also on the past, in the unconscious, emotions and thoughts.

Elli Arivaara Ebbe uses also narrative methods in her therapy.

The narrative way to see the world is wide in perspective. Life is always seen as part of story, as part of personal and human history. Human narrative is connected to the family narrative of the person, of nations, of times etc. At the same time, we all posses many narratives, those which are dominative and those which are almost unseen. We can also call them thick and thin stories. Sometimes the story of failure becomes dominant and affects strongly a person’s self image. In this case, it is important to make stories of success more visible and thicker.

Narrative psychotherapy is developed in Australia by e.g. Michael White.


Solution focused (SF) therapy has its roots in USA, in Milwaukee and in Palo Alto. Insoo Kim Berg, Steave de Shazer and Eve Lipchik among others, started to develop SFBT methods in the 1980’s.Since then, SFBT has spread to Europe and has been successfully used, not only in therapy, but also in social work, at schools, in jails etc.

SFBT utilizes the same process regardless of the concern that the individual client brings to therapy. SFBT is an approach that focuses on how clients change, rather than one which focuses on diagnosing and treating problems. As such, it uses a language of change. The signature questions used in solution-focused interviews are intended to set up a therapeutic process